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2014 in Review and What to Look out for in 2015!

It’s been an exciting year for the Accountability Lab, from launching Integrity Idol in Nepal to playing a key role in addressing Liberia’s Ebola crisis to setting up an OpenGov Hub in Nepal. In addition, we consolidated our management and oversight structures, including a reorganized board and public quarterly impact calls (learn more here, and stay tuned for the next call on January 5th). We received great recognition of our work, including the World Technology Award, Echoing Green Fellowship, Social Media for Empowerment Award, Ivy Film Award, HiiL Innovating Justice Awards Popular Vote, BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Award, and more. Read More…

What Can You Learn About Entrepreneurship in Three Days? Plenty

This post was originally published on the Points of Light Blog.

When you bring entrepreneurs together, ideas fly, networks grow and partnerships emerge. We got to see all three happen recently in New York during a three-day gathering of the spring 2014 class of the Points of Light Civic Accelerator.


Through the accelerator – a 12-week boot camp for entrepreneurs of startup ventures that aim to serve the greater good – 14 fledgling enterprises are learning from experienced leaders in various fields, and each other. Here’s a taste of what happened in New York May 19 – 21. Read More…

The Accountability Lab Supports Youth Anti-Corruption Efforts in Liberia

By Brooks Marmon (Accountability Architect) and Francis Lansana (Accountability Resident) in Liberia.

unnamedThe Lab’s Accountability Representative in Liberia, Lawrence Yealue, joined a growing network of media practitioners, civil society anti-corruption crusaders, and government officials on May 30 to deliver remarks at the 2nd Edition of the Voices against Corruption Forum hosted by the Global Youth Anti-Corruption Network – Liberia (GYAC). Lawrence’s participation in the Forum signaled that the Lab’s work is gaining momentum and that we are joined by a diverse array of allies in our efforts. Read More…

Liberia: A Journalist, a Blackboard, Some Chalk and Open Government.

002 (6)By Julio Urdenata, Global Integrity. This is the second entry in the “No Hash Tag blog series: Low-Tech Approaches to Open Government and Transparency” and was originally published on the Global Integrity blog.

He is widely read and respected; yet he does not work for any media company. Read More…

Accountability of Higher Education in Nepal- Council on Foreign Relations

Political slogans ahead of student elections at Tribhuvan University

Political slogans ahead of student elections at Tribhuvan University

This post was originally published by the Council on Foreign Relations. The post-Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) framework is currently being negotiated among governments and civil society participants around the world. Unlike the previous goals, which emphasized universal primary education as a key aim, it is essential that any successor targets ensure a concomitant focus on tertiary education. Read More…

Changing Accountability Mindsets: From Workshops and Reports to Professors and Imams

008 (3) This piece was originally posted on the Transparency International Blog. Working on accountability in difficult contexts, it does not take long to realize the key shortcomings of established approaches to these issues- expensive workshops are held, lengthy papers are written and complex logframes are completed, but little changes on the ground. Read More…