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Supporting Implementation of the OGP in Liberia with High and Low Tech: Knowmore LIB

IMG_0013By: Blair Glencorse and Teemu Roponnen. This post has also been submitted for the OGP blog.

Liberia has made some impressive reforms to support open government since it signed the UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) in 2005. The government has put in place a host of bodies focused on transparency and accountability, including the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) and the Public Procurement and Concessions Commission (PPCC). It was also the first African state to comply with Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI) rules governing natural resources and the first West African country to pass a Freedom of Information Act. Read More…

The Importance of Spirit: The Strengths and Limitations of ICT in Development


By: Mitchell Sommers, Accountability Lab Resident

During the 2013 World Bank-IMF Annual Meetings, I attended a panel on “Development in a Digital Age,” which featured representative experts from the Institute of the Future (IFTF), Facebook, various World Bank bodies, and government agencies in Finland and Philippines. The general consensus was that technology and innovation (including information and communications technology or ICT) form a powerful force necessary to achieve the World Bank’s ambitious new goals to eradicate extreme poverty by 2030 and to enhance shared prosperity. The Bank’s Chief Innovation Officer for Global Technology Development, Chris vein, asserted, “ICT can produce development that is better, cheaper, and faster.”

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Film-Making as a Powerful Tool in Accountability and Social Change

Image(Students accepting their certificates at the Accountability Film Festival)

By Lawrence Yealue and Francis Lansana, Accountability Lab Liberia

There are often complaints in Liberia about inequality and corruption, but in many cases little effort is made to validate these claims and create positive change. To begin to address this issue, the Lab has set up an Accountability Film School to train young Liberians to investigate and document cases of the abuse of authority. During the 5-week program, participants receive training on both accountability issues and how to make useful low-budget films. The students then used these skills to produce their own short documentaries on an accountability issue they witness in their communities.

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Graft-busting tours of Nepal and Liberia to showcase grassroots activism

ImageBy: Stella Dawson. This post was originally published by Thomson Reuters Foundation.

Civil society group Accountability Lab has come up with a new way to raise awareness of how to combat corruption – bus tours.

The non-profit is developing a series of tours of its grassroots work in Liberia and Nepal to give travellers a different experience of local culture, while helping to fight bribery, graft and promote transparent government. Read More…