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Hijacking the Oscars to Celebrate Social Change


By: Blair Glencorse. This post was originally published by Huff Post Impact.

In the Wolf on Wall Street, Leonardo di Caprio plays a corrupt New York stockbroker who runs a giant securities fraud scam on Wall Street in the 1990s. It is a controversial and brilliant movie — and has been deservedly nominated for several Oscars this weekend. One reason we watch movies like this is that they take us away — for a few hours — from our daily realities. Unfortunately, for billions of people, the struggles of real life cannot be forgotten so easily. Large-scale corruption — of the sort di Caprio dramatizes so brilliantly in the Wolf of Wall Street — is one of them. Read More…

We’re Hijacking the Oscars. Join us?

Honesty Oscars This post was originally on the ONE blog.

The upcoming Academy Awards is a time to celebrate the best films, actors and behind-the-scenes players in Hollywood – so why not do the same for the incredible videos, infographics and songs that help fight global corruption through creativity and innovation? Read More…

Accountability Lab Impact in 2013

We recently conducted an impact survey of our partners, donors, peers and the beneficiaries of the Lab’s work in 2013- our first full year of operations. Have a look at the fun infographic below that outlines some of the key results! We’re making progress!