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Emerging Voices: Glencorse on Higher Education in Liberia

This piece was originally posted by the Council on Foreign Relations Development Channel blog.

Emerging Voices features regular contributions from scholars and practitioners highlighting new research, thinking, and approaches to development challenges. This article is from Blair Glencorse, Founder and Executive Director of the Accountability Lab. He analyzes the challenges of integrity and accountability in Liberia’s colleges and universities, arguing that failures in higher education threaten the country’s progress toward peace and development. You can follow Glencorse on his blog and on Twitter at @blairglencorse.

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Accountability Innovations We Love, No.3: “Venture Accountability”

Traditional aid models and organizations have often not managed to precipitate sustainable development, nor do they always have the incentives in place to report failure or adapt rapidly when plans go wrong. As a result, failing projects continue and results remain sub-optimal. One approach we have adopted at the Accountability Lab is to understand that in difficult contexts, the definition of success (or more accurately- progress) must be slightly different. Taking risks with new and more innovative tools may lead to problems and blockages more often, but it also creates the possibility for transformative change. Read More…