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Accountability Lab and ONE Campaign launch the third annual Honesty Oscars

newHonesty-Oscars_1200x600.pngBy: Dhanya Addanki

Ready to revolutionize the Oscars?

We at Accountability Lab and the ONE Campaign are gearing up to do just that with our third annual Honesty Oscars. The Honesty Oscars are a weeklong digital event honoring artists, activists, films and musicians fighting corruption with their voice and with their art. This year, we’ve added photographers and women activists to our inspiring mix of creatives working exceptionally hard to ignite a more transparent world. We want to ensure that our governments and corporations are held accountable for their actions and these nominees play a significant role in creating a world where this is possible. Read More…

Learning to Transform Governance in the Philippines

20160210_154439.jpgBy: Blair Glencorse, Accountability Lab Executive Director.

Last week I was part of the latest Making All Voices Count (MAVC) learning event in Manila—which brought together about 60 of the initiative’s grantees, researchers, technologists and other stakeholders to reflect on the theme of “transformative governance”. The first point to make is that as a learning event—with a real emphasis on reflecting, sharing and improving what we do, it was the best workshop I’ve been to in a long time. The content, team and process kept me fully engaged from start to finish and I came away thinking hard about how the Accountability Lab does its work and where that fits into the larger accountability ecosystem. Read More…

Announcing 2016 Positions in Nepal, Liberia and Pakistan

IMG_1887 (3).jpgThe Accountability Lab and the Newhouse Center for Global Engagement have partnered to create opportunities for visual storytelling and communication students to work in Liberia, Nepal and Pakistan. As a part of that collaboration we are announcing the Summer 2016 Visual Storytelling and Communications Fellowship positions.

In Liberia, Nepal and Pakistan, the Accountability Lab supports a variety of innovative programs, with a strong focus on the arts – music, film, media, etc. While fellows will have the chance to engage in work across the Accountability Lab’s portfolio, it is anticipated that support for the Accountability Lab’s Film Schools and the Integrity Idol campaigns will constitute majority of the residents’ work. Read More…

Making Our Voices Count: Youth Efforts to Close Feedback Loops on Service Delivery in Pakistan

SSDO picture.pngBy: Fayyaz Yaseen, Syed Kausar Abbas, and Rafia Malik.

Working Against the Grain with Young People

The power dynamics that lead to mis-governance are deep set in Pakistan, and on first glance it might seem like there is very little that motivated young people can do to fix systematic patronage and graft. But at the Accountability Lab and the Sustainable Social Development Organization (SSDO), we have been working with a group of young volunteers in Rawalpindi recently on a project that shows just how far energy and a commitment to accountability can go. Three months ago- with support from Making All Voices Count (MAVC)- we selected this group from local universities after an open application process, and proudly named them ‘Accountability Ambassadors” in their communities. Read More…