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What does Open Government have to do with the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

IMG_20151026_110613 (1)By: Blair Glencorse. This blog post was originally published by the Open Government Partnership.

The world’s business VIPs are meeting in Davos this week for the annual World Economic Forum (WEF), where the theme is the fourth industrial revolution– think 3D printing, bio-technology and mind-reading machines. Klaus Schwab, the head of the WEF, argues in a new book that this revolution is faster, more complex and more innovative than ever before. It is transforming the way that states, businesses and societies interact. It relates in one way or another to all of the key global challenges that the WEF has identified as critical over the coming years- and as such heralds huge possibilities as well as dangers. So what does it all mean for business and the open government agenda? A few things: Read More…

We need YOU! Nominate activists and organizations that deserve an Honesty Oscar

By: Samantha Urban. This blog post was originally published by The ONE Campaign.

The upcoming Academy Awards on Sunday, February 28, is a time to gather around the television and celebrate the cinematic achievements of the year. We figured it was about time we did the same for the inspiring activists, videos, photos, and songs that are helping to fight global corruption!


ONE and Accountability Lab are teaming up to host the 2016 Honesty Oscars, an event that honors groundbreaking organizations, activists, and creatives who make our world more transparent and hold our governments and corporations more accountable. Read More…

Announcing the 2016/17 Accountability Incubator’s Cohort of “Accountapreneurs”!




The Accountability Lab catalyzes a new generation of active citizens and responsible leaders around the world. Our core work is through the Accountability Incubator: a two-year program of support for the very best “accountapreneurs”. This year the process was incredibly competitive; we had hundreds of applications across our three focus countries–Nepal, Liberia and Pakistan. We have now selected 17 of these amazing young change-makers that we’ll work with to transform their societies through new and sustainable ideas for accountability.

Drumroll please…read more about the 2016/17 Accountability Lab “Accountapreneurs” below!

Nepal Accountability Incubator


Basanta Adhikari

Basanta leads an organization called Bikalpa (“the Alternative”) that trains youth in eastern Nepal on civic leadership and advocacy for fundamental rights. With the Accountability Lab’s support he plans to lead youth groups in conducting performance surveys of local government agencies in his district. Twitter: @YouBasant Read More…