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“I have to do what has to be done”: Leslie Lumeh and the Fight for Liberia’s Cultural Heritage

11401527_810450219050904_5758069163864404883_nBy: Brooks Marmon and Jim Tuttle, Accountability Lab in Monrovia, Liberia. This blog post was originally published as an article in Images Magazine, Edition 16.

A Leslie Lumeh has been proclaimed “Liberia’s most celebrated artist” by CNN. A product of Booker Washington Institute, the visual artist has received accolades from wide and afar, with his works presented at exhibitions in Cote d’Ivoire, Gabon, South Africa, and the United States. His services are widely in demand by Liberia’s international partners, such as the UNICEF, the US Embassy, and the International Committee of the Red Cross. Read More…

Validating Liberia’s Open Government Partnership National Action Plan

1280px-Flag_of_Liberia.svgBy: Meghan Schneider, Accountability Lab Liberia Summer Design Resident. This blog post was originally published by Open Government Partnership.

On June 12, 2015 the Republic of Liberia convened a Stakeholders’ Interactive Forum to Validate the Open Government Partnership Action Plan at the Ministry of Information (MICAT). Participants included members of the OGP Steering Committee who came from various counties, as well as representatives from various civil society organizations and government ministries. The Honorable Andrew G. Temeh, Deputy Minister of Administration at MICAT and the OGP Focal Person, gave an overview of the OGP’s 2015-2016 Action Plan. After the overview, Read More…

Building the Next Generation of Responsible Athletes in Liberia

By: Sam Burnette III, who hails from a family of prominent Liberian footballers and is the Founder and CEO of the Liberia Football Foundation. This blog post was originally published by the Huffington Post.

Building the Next Generation of Responsible Athletes in Liberia

The concept of Sports for Development (S4D) is gaining prominence across the world, especially in developing countries. When properly implemented, these types of programs are very effective at creating social change and supporting development- especially of children. Read More…

Introducing Accountability Lab’s Summer Interns!

Accountability Lab is excited to welcome six talented interns to our teams in Liberia, Nepal and the US this summer! We are proud of the mission-driven actions plans, creative content and daily support these interns have contributed to the Lab. Because it can be challenging to visualize what accountability means in action, we’ve asked each of them to share what accountability means to them and how they apply it to their professional and personal lives. Take a moment to read through their comments and be inspired.

IMG_4615Ashley Day

“One of the first things that really drew me to the Lab was how our model strives to inspire accountability as opposed to simply imposing it. Read More…

How to Design a Battle Plan for Your Next Transparency Fight

open-gov-guideGuest blog by: Tania Sanchez, Open Government Guide Coordinator at Transparency and Accountability Initiative,

Are you struggling to make government and public institutions in your country more transparent and accountable to citizens?

If so, here’s a chance to improve your battle plan and tool up for the fight ahead.

The Transparency and Accountability Initiative is constantly updating and expanding the Open Government Guide. Currently covering 22 different transparency-related topics, Read More…