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‘Corruption, Corruption’: Partnering with ‘Amaze’ to Promote Social Change Via Music Video

11423626_814777181951541_860994873891383424_nWith the support of the Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA), the Accountability Lab and Amaze are pleased to announce the launch of a collaborative initiative to combat corruption in Liberia through the power of Hip co music. The centerpiece of the initiative, a music video for the track ’Corruption, Corruption’, will be complemented by a discussion on Hip co and accountability, and performances at high schools and universities in Monrovia and Buchanan. Read More…

Nyemade’s latest update on Integrity Idol Liberia!

5Nyemade is our new Accountability Resident in Monrovia- welcome Nyemade! She is helping to run Integrity Idol Liberia, and recently travelled around the country with our team to promote the effort. This is her report back:

“We are excited that Integrity Idol is now taking place in Liberia after huge success in Nepal last year. Integrity Idol Liberia is a national citizens’ campaign to identify and celebrate leaders who exemplify honesty and integrity. This unique effort aims to generate debate around the idea of integrity and to inspire a new generation of Liberians to be effective public servants. Since launching the competition three months ago, Accountability Lab has already received 1,023 nominations and counting from citizens around the country! A team of volunteers led by Accountability Lab Liberia recently made a trip to Bomi and Grand Bassa Counties to help spread the word. Read More…

My experience at the IACC Tech Hub

By: Fayyaz Yaseen, Accountability Lab Pakistan Country Representative. This blog post was originally published by IACC.

In attendance for the Accountability Lab at this year’s International Anti-Corruption Conference, I was struck by the level of innovation present among the attendees. In times gone by, thinking of the word ‘innovation’ conjured images of grey-haired scientists, strenuously working in complex laboratories with huge administrative support. Today we think more about dynamic and colourful visions of youth – and for me, this vision came to life as I sat amongst youth groups in a joint brainstorming session at the IACC. The ability to cross-pollinate ideas to develop and finalize their respective anti-corruption and good governance projects, epitomized this year’s discussions.

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