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Even The Broken Clock Tower Gives Nepalis The Right Time Twice a Day

By: Narayan Adhikari, Nepal Country Representative

ImageAs I entered the city of Birgunj, Nepal’s hub for transit and trade with neighboring India, I could see the beautiful Ghanta Ghar towering in the distance. Beyond telling the time, the clock tower once served as a source of information, both to empower the king to monitor citizen behavior and to alert citizens of decrees and disasters through a bell system.  To me, this clock, long since broken, symbolizes the wider dysfunction of Nepal’s government infrastructure: We have hospitals but no medicine, schools but no education, and power lines but no electricity. Read More…

What I Learned at Data Transparency 2013

ImageBy: Anne Sophie Lambert, Associate Director

Thomas Jefferson once said, “We might hope to see the finances of the Union as clear and intelligible as a merchant’s books, so that every member of Congress and every man of any mind in the Union should be able to comprehend them, to investigate abuses, and consequently to control them.”

Last week, I attended the nation’s first Data Transparency conference, which brought together over 450 federal, technology, nonprofit, and university representatives to build understanding and consensus on this long-standing subject of open data. Read More…

Training the Accountability Advocates of Liberia’s Future

ImageBy: Yasmin Anis, Accountability Lab Summer Resident.

This summer, Accountability Lab Liberia helped organize and lead a series of training sessions to help Liberian youth better understand the concept of accountability and their related rights and responsibilities. Among these efforts, we worked with Pursuit of Positive Action Youth Organization (PPAYO) and the Reform Youth Network to train over 50 youth leaders. These training sessions provided some valuable insights on the challenges to accountability in Liberia. Read More…

Crowdfunding for Citizen Journalism in Liberia: An Update

ImageBy: Anne Sophie Lambert, Accountability Lab Associate Director

In line with its mission to cultivate citizen participation and to try out new approaches, the Accountability Lab launched its first crowdfunding campaign last month.

The campaign was inspired by Alfred Sirleaf, a Liberian citizen journalist who saw the people’s desire to be better informed and devised a creative solution:  the “Daily Talk.”

Read More…