The Accountability Lab is an independent, non-profit organization that finds, validates and supports new answers to problems of accountability in the developing world. The Lab acts as a sounding board, listening to, analyzing and reflecting upon accountability concerns; as an independent interface, engaging relevant actors across contexts and issues; and as an operational hub, catalyzing innovative, collaborative and sustainable accountability practices. Through this approach, the Lab bolsters efforts to address the causes rather than the symptoms of poverty, exclusion and insecurity. Visit the website here.

6 responses to “About”

  1. How Matters says :

    Here are some sites/resources on improving downward accountability your readers may be interested in:
    http://www.listenfirst.org/ – practical ways of improving accountability for NGOs from Concern Worldwide
    http://www.whocounts.org/ – Mango UK’s guide on financial reporting to beneficiaires
    http://www.cdainc.com/cdawww/project_profile.php?pid=LISTEN&pname=Listening%20Project – A research project exploring of the ideas and insights of people who live in societies that have been on the recipient side of international assistance

  2. Stephen Bryant says :

    I work in the international sphere. Accountability Lab is intriguing and inspiring. I want to read the rest of the blogs. The focus on corruption as enemy #1 to true progress in national development is a good one; it is an issue I deal with regularly as it manifests itself in my little realm of interactions. These blogs strengthen my clarity about that and my resolve in how I relate to my participation. Okay–having said all of that, I want to know more about Accountability Lab, who writes the blogs and who sponsors this site that what your About tells. Why so vague? –Steve

  3. Olawale Rasheed says :

    I am interested in becoming your country director for Nigeria. How should I go about it?

  4. kyarisiima israel says :

    Keep going on

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