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Voices of Civic Champions: Bridging the gap between communities and policies

12036836_1648039062137729_8449679216362052217_n (1)By: Mehwish Niaz, Accountability Lab Pakistan Accountapreneur

“Engaging local governments in youth development through a holistic, iterative approach to policy formulation and execution, national governments can help promote youth civic engagement through a cohesive strategy that invests in young people as catalysts for sustainable growth.”

How can we best encourage active citizenship? What does it take to build or rebuild a stronger sense of community on citizens’ rights in our local area? These questions continue to capture people’s imagination in Pakistan and beyond. We see this reflected in the popular narrative of ‘loss of community’, that tells us “things just ain’t like they used to be when we all used to look out for each other, when you knew your neighbors”. We see it on the policy stage in the continued commitment to localism. We also see it around the election process in the concern about perceived citizen apathy and disillusionment with the political system. Read More…