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The Past and Future of the Corruption Conversation

ImageBy: Anne Sophie Lambert, Associate Director

In 2010, a BBC poll found corruption to be the “world’s most talked about problem.” Recent events, from the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines to the Greek debt crisis to the Arab Spring, have all been linked to graft.

The practice of corruption certainly is not a new phenomenon, but it has not always been an accepted topic in political debate and international development discourse. Read More…

The Big Idea: a wiki guide to public services


One of Nalibeli’s regular ‘wiki-athons’ to compile information.

By: Blair Glencorse. This post was originally published by the RSA.

The Big Idea: Nalibeli is an online platform created by Blair Glencorse FRSA and Surabhi Pudasaini that helps citizens in Nepal to navigate complicated public services,  and uses crowdsourcing to give people access to the information they need.   Read More…

Putting local justice first in Liberia

Accountapreneur Thomas Tweh and a member of the Community Justice Team in West Point, Monrovia.

By: Blair Glencorse and Anne Sophie Lambert. This post was originally published by Local First.

For many Liberians living in the low-income, high-density neighborhoods of Monrovia, life is a daily struggle. Land disputes, drug problems, domestic abuse, and a lack of basic services, among other issues, are pervasive.

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Why We Joined the Global Partnership for Social Accountability


Getting our hands dirty for accountability– building communities for change in Nepal.

By: Anne Sophie Lambert, Associate Director

At the World Bank-IMF Annual Meetings, World Vision International’s Local Advocacy Director, Jeff Hall, said that the focus of accountability is “shifting from service-delivery to empowerment.” Along those lines, we believe that building sustainable accountability systems requires cooperation at all levels of society, from the bottom-up as well as top-down. Read More…