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Liberia: A Journalist, a Blackboard, Some Chalk and Open Government.

002 (6)By Julio Urdenata, Global Integrity. This is the second entry in the “No Hash Tag blog series: Low-Tech Approaches to Open Government and Transparency” and was originally published on the Global Integrity blog.

He is widely read and respected; yet he does not work for any media company. Read More…

Accountability in Liberia: Creativity, Innovation and Potential

ladiesSellingGrain_851x315By Yasmin Anis, Accountability Lab Summer Resident. It has been a whirlwind of a first week since I landed in Monrovia. As with any new place, you attempt to take in your surroundings while your brain frantically compiles a group of initial observations. These then begin to transform into broader themes you discover about the place you are now experiencing. Read More…

From Transparency to Accountability: An Online Discussion

By: Anne Sophie Lambert, Accountability Lab Associate Director

“What does the kind of transparency that leads to accountability look like?” Last Thursday, the Lab participated in a constructive online discussion, facilitated by The Guardian’s Global Development Professionals Network, on how to build capacity for effective transparency. Read More…

Accountability of Higher Education in Nepal- Council on Foreign Relations

Political slogans ahead of student elections at Tribhuvan University

Political slogans ahead of student elections at Tribhuvan University

This post was originally published by the Council on Foreign Relations. The post-Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) framework is currently being negotiated among governments and civil society participants around the world. Unlike the previous goals, which emphasized universal primary education as a key aim, it is essential that any successor targets ensure a concomitant focus on tertiary education. Read More…