The Accountability Lab Supports Youth Anti-Corruption Efforts in Liberia

By Brooks Marmon (Accountability Architect) and Francis Lansana (Accountability Resident) in Liberia.

unnamedThe Lab’s Accountability Representative in Liberia, Lawrence Yealue, joined a growing network of media practitioners, civil society anti-corruption crusaders, and government officials on May 30 to deliver remarks at the 2nd Edition of the Voices against Corruption Forum hosted by the Global Youth Anti-Corruption Network – Liberia (GYAC). Lawrence’s participation in the Forum signaled that the Lab’s work is gaining momentum and that we are joined by a diverse array of allies in our efforts.

Originally convened with support from the World Bank, GYAC is a global network of youth activists, with chapters in 43 countries, that seeks to promote global development and good governance by combating corruption. Held on the campus of a local Islamic high school, the theme of the Forum was ‘Enhancing Youth Corruption in the Fight against Corruption in Schools.’

Lawrence called on students to play their own role in eroding a culture of corruption by urging youth to cease from cheating, so that they receive the full benefits of their education and contribute the full array of their skills to rebuilding Liberian society as it emerges from a devastating civil war. Lawrence noted that the Lab currently administers several initiatives to support such efforts. Programs like Kick-out Corruption and the Accountability Arts School promote transparency and awareness of anti-corruption through innovative pedagogical means among youth; and TELL-It-True fosters accountability in high schools and universities in Monrovia through an anonymous SMS suggestions box.

Another Forum speaker, Anderson Miamen, Program Officer of the Center for Transparency and Accountability in Liberia, praised TELL for its role in fighting corruption in schools. J. Augustine Toe, Vice-Chair of the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (one of several government agencies that combat graft), noted that in the fight against corruption, ‘we need not be academic, we need to be practical.’ The Lab seeks to fulfill that call by promoting accountability (primarily among youth) through creative, yet accessible means like the arts, cinema, and sport.

Please contact Lawrence Yealue ( with any thoughts, ideas, or questions on accountability in Liberia’s schools or more generally. You can also reach us on Facebook and Twitter. Want to help Liberia? We’re crowdfunding here.

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