2014 in Review and What to Look out for in 2015!

It’s been an exciting year for the Accountability Lab, from launching Integrity Idol in Nepal to playing a key role in addressing Liberia’s Ebola crisis to setting up an OpenGov Hub in Nepal. In addition, we consolidated our management and oversight structures, including a reorganized board and public quarterly impact calls (learn more here, and stay tuned for the next call on January 5th). We received great recognition of our work, including the World Technology Award, Echoing Green Fellowship, Social Media for Empowerment Award, Ivy Film Award, HiiL Innovating Justice Awards Popular Vote, BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Award, and more.

Stay tuned for more updates in 2015 as we strategically scale up several of our projects to new communities in Liberia and Nepal, and as we begin to expand our work to Pakistan and Afghanistan. We’re also setting up the Accountability Accelerator, a hands-on, results-oriented training program to help other organizations and companies better practice accountability. And we’re launching a new and improved website, featuring profiles on each of our accountapreneurs and videos about their projects.

Gyan’s Story

Gyan Mani Nepal is a District Education Officer in a rural district of Nepal who has made tremendous personal effort to build accountability in the education system.  He visited every school in the 41 local villages, listening to students and parents, and even shared his mobile phone for them to contact him if teachers are late or absent. At first, many laughed at or opposed his reforms, but the impact of his efforts is clear: teacher attendance is over 90% and pass rates in the district have risen from 14% to over 60%. His work has improved citizen trust in public schools, and he has been nominated as one of the top five finalists in our newIntegrity Idol TV show!


Want to help? We’d love to get you involved!

  • Help us develop a new generation of leaders in Nepal by giving what you can to our holiday crowdfunding campaignJust $10 funds one student to participate in an innovative civic education program for 6 months.
  • Join us on on a Social Impact Tour in Nepal or Liberia for a unique opportunity to meet our inspiring accountapreneurs and learn first-hand how they create lasting social change.
  • Host a “Friendraiser” to help us build our network in your city, or apply to be an Accountability Ambassador to help us expand our work to your country! Contact us at info@accountabilitylab.org for more information.

Happy holidays and see you in 2015!

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