2015 Honesty Oscars kick-off

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The upcoming Academy Awards (on Sunday, February 22nd) is a time to gather around the television and celebrate the cinematic achievements of the year. We figured it was about time we did the same for the inspiring activists, videos, infographics, technology and songs that are helping to fight global corruption.

ONE and Accountability Lab are teaming up to host the 2015 Honesty Oscars, a week-long event to honor groundbreaking organizations, activists and creatives who make our world more transparent and hold our governments and corporations more accountable.

Basically, we are taking over the Oscars.

And we need your help! From February 17th to 21st, Accountability Lab and ONE will reveal our top nominees for one category each day – and readers (like YOU!) will get the chance to vote for their favorite. Winners will be announced on February 23rd.

Check-out the categories, below, and make sure to check back each day to vote on the newly revealed category. The link to vote will go live each morning from February 17-21.

Honesty Oscar Categories:

Honesty Oscars_picture_600x300

Best Picture – Nominees will include feature films, short films, campaign films or documentaries that highlight issues like corruption and transparency. Just like the Academy Awards, “Best Picture” honors all efforts in putting together the film, including writing, editing, directing and execution.

Honesty Oscars_actor_600x300

Best Activist in a Leading Role – Nominees will include individuals who have shown incredible leadership in the fight against global corruption.

Honesty Oscars_song_600x300

Best Activist Anthem – Like the Academy Awards’ “Best Original Song,” this category highlights original songs that have truly inspired audiences to learn about the fight against global corruption and join the movement, too.

Honesty Oscars_special effect_600x300

Best Special Effects – This is a new category this year, designed to feature an organization or website using innovative technology to fight corruption and increase transparency.

Best Visual_600x300

Best Visual Effects – Nominees will include infographics that communicate global transparency and corruption statistics through graphic design, interactivity and data journalism.

See what happened during last year’s Honesty Oscars here!

This post was originally published by ONE. Visit their website on Tuesday, February 17 to see all the nominees and vote for your favorite!

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