Blair Glencorse Named a Finalist for the World Technology Award

WTA 2014We are excited to announce that the Accountability Lab is being featured at this year’s 2014 World Technology Summit, taking place today and tomorrow in New York City, in partnership with FORTUNE and TIME. The summit brings together leaders in technology and innovation from around the world, giving them an opportunity to share their ideas and be honored for their contribution to the world.

The Lab’s Founder and Executive Director Blair Glencorse has been named a Finalist in the Social Entrepreneurship category of the World Technology Awards on behalf of the Accountability Lab. We are grateful for this recognition of our work to help citizens in developing countries build creative technological and media tools to address some of the world’s biggest challenges, including corruption, poverty and exclusion.

Blair remarked: “My work is about supporting citizens to demand a better future for themselves and their children. The people around the world who do not know where the next meal is coming from; who do not have access to public services; and for whom every day is literally a case of life or possible death- these are the real leaders. These are the untold stories and the unrecognized heroes who are battling to improve their societies. They are the people I am working with and for through the Accountability Lab. Accepting this award on their behalf would be a huge honor.” Read his full finalist interview here to learn more about the inspiration behind his work.

We are also pleased to announce that our Accountability Architect, Brooks Marmon, who has played an important role in implementing our programs in Liberia, is speaking at the Summit – along with Edward Snowden, LeVar Burton, and several other industry experts. Brooks is presenting on our various tech projects, from TELL-it-True, a SMS system through which students and teachers can anonymously report and resolve corruption in Liberian schools, to Nalibeli, a wiki site that allows citizens to crowdsource information on how to navigate public services in Nepal.

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