Quarterly Impact Call Overview: Q3 2014

This month, we held our first Quarterly Impact Call – an initiative we’ve started to report our results as a for-profit company would report quarterly results, and hopefully inspire other organizations to do the same. These calls provide our donors, partners, peers and the general public an opportunity to learn about and discuss our progress and lessons learned.

A few highlights from the call included:

— In Liberia, our accountapreneurs have shifted the focus of several of their projects to focus on Ebola awareness, as we believe that government mismanagement of resources and a fundamental lack of accountability has allowed this crisis to reach such tragic proportions. With new funding from Open Society Foundations, we’ve been further developing several creative projects, including a film school, comic books, mural campaign, and the Daily Talk chalk billboard, aimed at building citizens’ access to information.

— In Nepal, Integrity Idol (a TV show highlighting honest civil servants) is finalizing preparations to broadcast in November; our Invisible Theater group has been sparking many dynamic public discussions on accountability issues; Civic Schools students presented their accountability projects to key stakeholders; the Accountability Film School completed its 2nd session with a focus on female inclusion; and more. We also carried our first Social Impact Tour of the projects in Nepal to share ideas and knowledge; and we set up the OpenGov Hub to build a community for accountability in South Asia.

— We’ve found interest for scaling work around the world, and we currently have colleagues in Pakistan and Zimbabwe listening and meeting with creative young people to lay the foundation for our work.

— We’re beginning to bring government stakeholders into our discussions of impact, which will be reflected in detail in our impact report to come out early 2015.

We received several good questions during the call, summarized below:

What new accountability performance metrics are you developing? 

While metrics can be challenging for accountability, we are currently developing indicators for specific projects. For example, for the Community Justice Teams, we can show how much time and money citizens save from avoiding the slow, expensive formal legal system. Our ED, Blair, is currently working with UPenn on a document about cost per impact measurement.

Is it possible to access past impact reports?

Yes, last year’s report (our first) and the accompanying dataset of survey responses is available in full here on our website. We are looking forward to this year’s process, as we can begin to measure how perceptions are changing overtime.

What can we do to help?

We believe that everyone can play a helpful role and we’d be happy to talk to you personally about what would be the best fit for you. For example, you can host an event in a place we’re visiting to help build community, connect us with others you think are a good fit, sign up to give a small monthly donation, and/or spread the word on social media, to name a few.

You can listen to the full recording of the call here. We will be holding our next call on January 5th at 10:00 am EST and would love for you to join the conversation. Stay tuned on social media to receive the number to call in!

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