The Lab’s Statement on the Ebola Crisis in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea

EbolaThe Accountability Lab has been closely following the escalating Ebola crisis in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea.  The Lab has been operating in Liberia for over two years and is gravely concerned that the situation, which has been developing for months, continues to deteriorate.  During this difficult time, the Lab will scale back its activities in Liberia in accordance with recent government directives implemented to stem the spread of the virus. The team is monitoring national and international advisories on the crisis and proceeding accordingly.

The Lab extends its condolences to those who have lost loved ones due to the Ebola outbreak and to all Liberians who are impacted in various ways by the deadliest outbreak of this disease that the world has known. At this time, all individuals directly associated with the Accountability Lab family in Liberia are safe. The team encourages Liberians to exercise restraint during this difficult time and to carefully evaluate all information circulating in regards to the crisis.

Although the Accountability Lab does not support any projects in the health sector directly, it is not a coincidence that this unprecedented Ebola crisis is striking a trio of countries that are emerging from difficult civil conflicts and decades of poor governance.  The Government of Liberia is making great progress in terms of rebuilding the country and the Lab remains committed to supporting this process. The team is working hard to incubate creative tools and initiatives to advance transparency and integrity at all levels of Liberian society despite the current challenges.  While it is critical to bolster efforts to stem the current crisis, it is equally important that longer-term actions, which address the roots of the problem are fully embraced.

For more information contact the Lab: or +231-88-833-0901.

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