A Peek into the Future of Giving- to Support Community Justice in Liberia

Credit: Morgana Wingard

Credit: Morgana Wingard

Starting today, working in partnership with tinyGive, a first-of-its-kind micro-philanthropy platform, we’re excited to launch a $2,000 crowd-funding campaign to support the growth of our Community Justice Teams (CJTs) program.

In Liberia, land disputes, crime, domestic abuse, and a lack of basic services, among other issues, are pervasive. When citizens face legal challenges, the lack of legitimacy, affordability and accessibility of the formal justice system is a huge problem. Moreover, the judiciary and police were recently ranked as the most corrupt set of institutions in the country by the government itself – which not only undermines any sense that wrong-doing will be punished but has hollowed out trust in public processes more broadly. As one citizen pointed out to us recently: “There is simply no justice for the poor.”

We’ve helped Thomas Tweh, a community leader in the West Point neighborhood (a one mile patch of land with over 75,000 residents), develop an innovative idea to build justice at the local level. He trains volunteer mediators to resolve disputes as part of Community Justice Teams (CJTs); and collaborates with the courts to refer cases back to the community (saving time and money, and reducing the burden on the formal system). You can read more about the design thinking approach we used for the project in the Stanford Social Innovation Review here.

Since our initial US$3,000 investment, our team in Liberia has helped resolve almost 80 disputes, saving citizens over LD$ 500,000 (almost US$7,000) in fees, and over 350 days of time. It has been one of our most successful efforts to date (watch the video here), and we’re asking you to join us to help multiple the impact!

In keeping with our spirit of innovation around issues of accountability, we’re happy to join tinyGive at the forefront of innovation in giving. tinyGive is a micro-philanthropy platform that empowers donors to give to the causes and organizations they care about via Twitter. Their Tweet-to-donate tool makes it simple to both give and tell others about our work, all with one Tweet.

How does it work? It’s simple, just Tweet us (@accountlab), include any dollar amount, and the hashtag #tinyGive (e.g., “I’m giving $8 to @accountlab to support community justice in #Liberia! Join me! bit.ly/CJTtG #tinyGive”). You’ll get a link sent back to you asking you to complete your donation. Just click it, connect your payment information, and you’re done!

If you are not on Twitter- no worries, you can still give! Check out our campaign page on tinyGive to learn more about our teams, and to kick in a few dollars to help us reach our goal this week! Remember- @accountlab and #tinyGive with a $ amount!

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