Accountability Lab wins the Grand Challenge for Development

We partnered up with the Engine Room for a project that will look at ICT tools for accountability in Liberia, which has won a competitive grant from Making All Voices Count. We were selected from a total of 544 proposals to be one of 28 cutting-edge solutions. Read more about the award and the project below- and published on the MAVC website!

Country of implementation: South Africa, Kenya and Liberia

Category: Government responsiveness, citizen engagement in a time of technology, enabling conditions for tech-based innovation

This project will produce a concrete resource to assist organisations in making appropriate technology choices. It will also improve the implementation of ICT tools for accountability and transparency. It takes a critical stance on the short-termism prevalent in many advocacy efforts and addresses the gaps between the technological and the political and the weaknesses in the development and social expertise underpinning many ICT-supported initiatives. The experienced and tech-savvy team Engine Room Foundation requests £74,900 for 18 months to develop a framework for the selection of tools and approaches and for making implementation choices. They will pilot and mentor this in ‘voice and accountability’ initiatives in each country and follow up with an assessment of the utility and validity of the process from participants’ perspectives. Targeted dissemination will channel the results to academics and practitioners and findings will be shared widely. This project generates knowledge on the utility of standardised approaches. It reflects Making All Voices Count’s desire to support appropriate technology choices in closing feedback loops between citizens and governments. Crucially, it builds concentrated capacity and nurtures discerning mind-sets among key tech and transparency & accountability actors in three countries.

About Accountability Lab

Making power-holders accountable in the developing world

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