The Lab wins a Grant from the Royal Society of the Arts

RSA LogoThe Accountability Lab is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a grant from The Royal Society of Arts (RSA) through the US Fellows’ Challenge Fund. This grant will provide project support for Mai Dalal, an innovative open-source tool to help Nepalis navigate universities and colleges. The tool uses wiki-based systems to crowd-source and consolidate information for current and prospective students in Nepal on everything from entry requirements to class schedules. The Lab’s Executive Director Blair Glencorse remarked, “Mai Dalal will play a crucial role in ensuring that Nepal’s universities are equitable, predictable and fair. With the generous support we have received from RSA, we aim to share this tool throughout Nepal and ultimately help the nation’s young people obtain the knowledge they need to participate constructively within society.”

RSA is a multi-disciplinary organization committed to 21st century enlightenment and finding innovative practical solutions to today’s social challenges. The RSA expressed appreciation for Mai Dalal’s “simple yet potentially very powerful” approach to helping people access educational resources and sees this project as a model for the development of future applications in other areas and contexts. In addition to financial support, RSA will provide the Lab with valuable connection to Fellows with relevant experience in technology, crowd-sourcing, strategic growth models and/or social entrepreneurship in South Asia.

About the Accountability Lab

The Accountability Lab is an independent, non-profit organization that works to generate sustainable development by making power-holders responsible. The Lab acts as a sounding board, listening to, analyzing and reflecting upon accountability concerns; an independent interface, engaging relevant actors across contexts and issues; and an operational hub, catalyzing innovative accountability tools and communities. Through this approach, the Lab bolsters efforts to address the causes rather than the symptoms of poverty, exclusion and insecurity. For more information about the Accountability Lab, visit and and follow the organization on Twitter and Facebook.

About Accountability Lab

Making power-holders accountable in the developing world

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