The Lab signs an MoU with Instituto Benten in Guinea Bissau

011The Accountability Lab and Instituto Benten today signed a Memorandum of Understanding after a recent visit by the Lab to Guinea Bissau in February 2013. The MoU covers joint efforts to support the accountability agenda in the country; the development of new programs on accountability; and the potential deployment of an Accountapreneurship Fund to support Bissau-Guineans with creative ideas for new accountability tools through funding, training, networks and mentorship.

Instituto Benten is a private, independent and apolitical organization founded in 2012. The Institute is a hub for ideas and seeks to create a space for dialogue, reflection and action. It is developing key programs that support a national vision for the future of Guinea Bissau based on an inclusive, prosperous society.

“The creation of Instituto Benten reflects the growth of constructive civil society engagement in Guinea Bissau” said Blair Glencorse, Executive Director of the Accountability Lab. “The organization is playing an essential role in providing policy options and setting the agenda on accountability issues- and our partnership will support this process further. We are looking forward to working more closely with our partners there as the transition continues.” The MoU points to the expansion of the Lab beyond the two pilot countries of Liberia and Nepal.

About the Accountability Lab

The Accountability Lab is an independent, non-profit organization that works to generate sustainable development through making power-holders responsible. The Lab acts as a sounding board, listening to, analyzing and reflecting upon accountability concerns; as an independent interface, engaging relevant actors across contexts and issues; and as an operational hub, catalyzing innovative accountability tools and communities. Through this approach, the Lab bolsters efforts to address the causes rather than the symptoms of poverty, exclusion and insecurity. For more information about the Accountability Lab, visit and and follow the organization on Twitter and Facebook.


About Accountability Lab

Making power-holders accountable in the developing world

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