The Lab Partners with BSC Monrovia

bscMonroviaLogoThe Lab is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Business Start-Up Center, Monrovia, to jointly contribute resources to shared goals. These include the productive engagement of students and young people for the prosperity and stability of Liberia. The two organizations will collaborate on programs and training.

This will allow for activities carried out through the Lab, including the development of an Accountapreneurship Fund in Liberia. The fund will identify, support and reward cutting-edge approaches to accountability issues. The Lab will identify “accountapreneurs” (individuals, groups or organizations that demonstrate an entrepreneurial approach to accountability issues); provide catalytic grants for small-scale, innovative approaches to accountability; support effective implementation of ideas through training (management; communication; presentation; accountability), mentoring, and networking; and ensure sustainability through connecting accountapreneurs to additional local and national funding sources.

The Business Start-Up Center Monrovia aims to develop and spur both entrepreneurship and education, empowering young Liberians to help lead their society into prosperity. Concentrating on Liberian universities and vocational schools, BSC Monrovia offers trainings in writing, teaching, research, business development, and employability skills (job interview skills, presentation skills, etc). The BSC also initiates Business Plan Competitions, provide winning candidates with access to finance and coaching, turning their ideas into achievable business plans.

The Accountability Lab is an independent, non-profit organization that works to generate sustainable development through making power-holders responsible. The Lab acts as a sounding board, listening to, analyzing and reflecting upon accountability concerns; as an independent interface, engaging relevant actors across contexts and issues; and as an operational hub, catalyzing innovative accountability tools and communities. Through this approach, the Lab bolsters efforts to address the causes rather than the symptoms of poverty, exclusion and insecurity.

For more information about the Accountability Lab, visit and and follow the organization on Twitter and Facebook.

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