The Lab Launches the Liberia Accountapreneurship Fund!

Cummings_120223_896The Accountability Lab is excited to launch a new support tool for Liberians with innovative accountability ideas. The Liberia “Accountapreneurship” Fund (LAF) will identify “accountapreneurs” (individuals, groups or organizations that demonstrate an entrepreneurial approach to accountability issues); provide catalytic grants to these accountapreneurs for small-scale, innovative and sustainable approaches to accountability and transparency; support effective implementation of ideas through training, mentoring, and networking; and ensure sustainability through connecting accountapreneurs to additional local and national funding sources.

Seed grants of up to US$2,000 will be made to successful applicants- to be combined with 10% matching funds from the grant-winners themselves. An initial grant of $1,000 will be followed after a six-month period with a further grant of up to $1,000 if the given accountapreneurship activities are showing promise and progress against agreed benchmarks. The focus of the LAF is broad to include innovative ideas at all levels (national to village) that have the objective of making power-holders and decision-makers of different types accountable. This might include public and government ministries and offices, private sector organizations and business, donors and NGOs, or other individuals and organizations that make decisions affecting the public good.

The LAF will focus on ideas that move beyond one-off activities, or meetings and trainings. The use of new technologies within project ideas is also encouraged. Ideas will be able to demonstrate feasibility, scalability and sustainability. Liberians of all age groups and professions are encouraged to apply. Application materials can be found on the website at

About the Accountability Lab

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About Accountability Lab

Making power-holders accountable in the developing world

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